Sunday, 2 October 2011

Belly Fat Exercises – Some Best Stomach Toning Exercises

In the present day competitive world, having a great toned body is one of the top listing priorities of almost every individual. Obesity is one of the most dangerous problems faced by almost every second person these days because of their unhealthy diet and lack of any physical activities. Ignoring the problem of being overweight, is like inviting various harmful diseases like cardiac problems, respiratory problems, diabetes and others. Therefore, in order to avoid these health complications, you need to tone each and every part of your body and get in appropriate shape. Initially, in the belly fat burning process, you need to focus on your belly. You need to follow various stomach toning exercises in order to step into a well toned body.  

Mentioned below are some of the best belly toning exercises that will effectively help you in getting a well toned flat belly.

1. Plank
In order to do a plank, you should lie straight on the ground with the support of your stomach. In order to balance the body weight, you can also use your forearms. You need to lift up your body by making use of your hands and the toes and retain the same posture for at least 30 seconds or more. You can repeat the same exercise for about 3-4 times and in a regular manner in order to get fruitful results.

2. Side Plank
This exercise is somewhat similar to the above discussed exercise. In the side plank, you need to roll sideways (both the sides) by supporting your chest with the help of your arms. After that, you are required to lift up your body and balance your weight using your feet and your arms. If done in a regular and repeated manner, this exercise can greatly help you in removing your excess belly fat.

3. Crossover Stand
This exercise is useful in toning up the stomach muscles. Here you need to stand erect on the ground while keeping a few inches distance between you t toes. Now you need to stretch out your arms and provide a 90 degrees angle to both your elbows along. After that, you need to lift one of your legs and make crossover position by lifting your opposite elbow. Now repeat the same trick with the other leg and elbow and continue this exercise for some time.

4. Ball Roll 
This is one of the most popular stomach toning exercises, which is even followed by a number of celebrities. Under this exercise, a ball or a similar thing is used in trying to roll by taking support of your back or belly. This exercise is done in a number of versions and you need to take a proper advice from an expert. You can derive maximum from this exercise and get a toned and slim body.

Apart from these stomach toning exercises, you need to follow a healthy and proper diet plan in order to increase your stamina. You need to consume different nutrients and supplements keeping the nutritional requirements of your body in mind. With the help of perfectly blending a healthy diet and these belly toning exercises, you will be able get a flat toned body.

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