Sunday, 2 October 2011

Belly Fat Exercises – Reduce Your Flab Using A Stairmaster Stepmill

Stoutness is one of the most widespread health issues faced by a large number of people in the present times. Losing weight has become as one of top listed priorities of the overweight people in order to protect them from various health complications like cardiac problems, respiratory issues, diabetes and others. Stairmaster Stepmill is a great cardio vascular workout machine which looks exactly same and also acts like the real life stairs. Stairs are one of the best medium of toning up the lower body along with burning the surplus body fat. With the help of a Stepmill, you can burn the extra calories out from your body by walking as many stairs as you want according to your comfort, at various levels of difficulties and speeds.

Stairmaster Stepmill has been successfully burning heavy buns of the obese people over a number of years. This weight loss equipment incorporates a combination of revolving, eight inch stairs and handrails for providing stability. You can make use of this equipment in order to burn surplus fat by increasing the rotational speed and steps in order to walk, jog or run on the stairs. All these activities are performed while staying in a constant and stationary position.

Following are some of the main Stairmaster Stepmill workouts that will surely help you in getting rid of your flab.

1. Pyramids
In this particular workout, you are required to climb the stairs at a slow and relaxed pace. After some time, you should slightly increase the speed and follow the same procedure in order climb up at new speed every minute. You should continue to increase the climbing speed every minute and go on increasing the pace until you are exhausted. You can also exercise in the reverse motion, by reducing the pace every minute until you arrive at the starting point.

2. NEAT Workout
Here, NEAT stands for non exercise activity thermogensis. In an easy understandable language it stands for the amount of calories you burn on daily basis by not indulging in any physical exercise. Along with working out at this ultimate machine at a slow pace, you can read out a book, make important calls or any other work. In this way you will be able to burn away your, NEAT fat in an increased manner.

3. Rotational Climbing
The Stairmaster Stepmill consists of a solid strong surface on which you can place your feet and just walk in a normal manner. You can change your stepping pattern every minute in order to stay involved and focused in your workout. You can walk on the stairs, step up and down at a fast pace, sequential climbing and perform many other workouts in order to burn more and more calories and get a flatter stomach. You should use the handrails in order to balance yourself while climbing up, turning backwards and walking backwards. Make sure that while working out, your steps are moving in a proper sequence.

Therefore, Stairmaster Stepmill is one of the most advanced and effective equipment of reducing weight in a healthy and effective manner.

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