Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat – Regain Your Flat Tummy

Obesity is rapidly developing into a nation-wide epidemic. It is responsible for an estimated 10% of health care costs and other kinds of health issues. According to the New York Times, more than one third of American adult are obese and possess a round belly. Obesity can significantly affect your quality of life. According to the researcher Cris Slentz, an exercise physiologist at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, “vigorous aerobic training is much better than resistance training.” If you are overweight or mildly obese and want to lose belly fat, visceral fat or liver fat, then aerobic training would be the perfect option for you to consider. Researchers have also revealed that many surgical options regarding weight loss are practiced in many different parts of the world in a proficient manner. 

Many people over complicate the process of losing abdominal weight and rely too much on complex diet plans and weight loss pills. Researchers have also declared that stimulant based supplements, weight loss pills and customized weight loss diet plans can cause a great harm to the human body. Round belly can be an obstacle in the way of your smartness and regaining a flat tummy can prove to be a big challenge for you.
Well, there are certain exercises by which you can lose your belly fat in a safe and secure manner without facing any kind of side effect. You must always focus on calorie burning exercises in order to lose extra fat.

Below mentioned are some of the best exercises by which you can obtain a flat belly in an effective and efficient manner.

Cardio Training  
Cardio is actually a premium choice by which you can lose your excessive belly fat. You can easily reduce your fat with jumping, running, sprint training, rowing and high elliptical machine workouts. The results will actually depend upon your workout intensity. Make sure that you consult a professional dietician or physician before undergoing cardio training.

Stomach Vacuums
Stomach vacuums are extremely effective and you can regain your flat tummy in just a few weeks. You just need to stand upright and suck your stomach as hard as you can. This exercise is specifically designed for round bellies. 

Weighted Sit-Ups
Ordinary sit ups can help you in burning your belly fat but weighted sit ups are extremely effective and they burn far more calories than regular sit ups. It is just because an additional weight can enhance the intensity of the exercise. Make sure that you weighted sit ups in a proper manner.

Aerobic exercises are the most productive weapons by which you can tackle your belly fat in a convenient manner. You need to possess discipline and honest determination in this regard. You can take proper help and guidance from aerobic videos that are actually prepared by the professionals.

You need to lie on your back with your knees bent on the ground at right angle. Make sure that your hands lie behind your head. All that you need to do is to breathe in and bring your knees towards your chest while lifting your body to an angle of 30 degrees. You can repeat this process for about 15 times.

Well, these are some efficient exercises by which you can reduce your belly fat in a proficient manner. I am sure that you would be able to regain your flat tummy in just a few months with the help of these safe and secure workouts.

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